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Course Table of Contents

Module 1: Deprogramming

Module 2 : Ritual Magick 101

Module 3: Ritual Magick Unveiled

Module 4: How To Begin With Ritual Magick

Module 5: Ritual Magick Essential Skills

Module 6: Secrets Of Rosicrucian Magick

Module 7: Rosicrucian Magick Unveiled

Module 8: Ritual Magick East vs West

Module 9: Soul Awakening

Module 10: Magick & Vibration

Module 11: Astrological Magick

Module 12: Magick & Nutrition

Module 13: Magical Will

Module 14: Spirit Vision

Module 15: The Golden Dawn God-Forms Method

Module 16: Astral Projection

Module 17: Magick & Spirits

Module 18: Astral Nasties

Module 19: Israel Regardie’s Magical Tools

Module 20: St. Germain’s Triangular Book Grimoire

Bonus Course Table of Contents

Module 1: Magick & The Tarot

Module 2: Golden Dawn Tarot

Module 3: Dignity In Golden Dawn Tarot

Module 4: Secrets of Golden Dawn Tarot

Bonus Number Two

Module 1: Self-Initiation